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Meie privaatne kollektsioon :

1. TMZ 5.951n Year of manufacture 1989, genuine mileage 152km, off-road version from Tula scooter factory, Russia http://www.automotomuseum.vl.ru/eng/history/moto/tmz5951/


2.  K-125, Year of manufacture 1955, russian iron, mileage 5000km



3. Moskvich M-408б, Year of manufacture 1973, only for soviet II ww veteran-handicap version, special set for steering using only hands(included), original condition, mileage 119000km



4. Mercedes-Benz E-class 230E, Year of manufacture 1982, original condition, mileage 122000km



5. BMW R35, Year of manufacture 1950. Waiting to be reconditioned in to original condition!



6. MB750M, 1973, russian iron, military version, 2wd, original condition, mileage 14000km



7. Tula Turist 200cm3 scooter, Year of manufacture 1989, mileage 155km



8. Mini moped from Riga factory, 49cm3, Year of manufacture 1989, original condition, mileage 150km



9. Gaz 21У, russian iron,Year of manufacture 1967, original condition



10. UAZ 31512, Year of manufacture 1989, russian iron from Finnish Army, special trailer GAZ 704 included, mileage 37000km



11. Muravei, 3×2 formula from Tula, Year of manufacture 1989, original condition, mileage 1500km


12.  SAURER Berna 2DM 1972

The Saurer 2DM is a truck model, which established by the Adolph Saurer AG at Arbon from in 1959. The payload of 4.9 tonnes, it is a right hand drive. The Swiss Army used the 2DM since 1964, in several special versions, such as dump trucks, snow plow or tanker for aircraft or tanks. Almost identical was the model Berna 2VM from Berna Olten. Starting in 1964, approx 3200 units were built in all different varieties. The 2DM was also sold for civilian purposes

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